Summer 2018 – “Sing unto The LORD…”

Heading Home

 Praise God.

6 Years is a long time to be away from Home.

Time to Go.  Stay with us for our last grand adventure.  – 6/10/18

“Let God be magnified”

IMG_1583 copy copy

6/11 – Finished painting Phase 1 of the bus for our New World Tour.  : ]  Next comes the color – open to suggestions.  I realize this isn’t a conventional paint job but…it still seems to do a good job at getting across a message.  I really like THE FREEDOM God has given us in this country.  Truly a wonderful opportunity.  (Can you see the solar panels on top of my shop trailer?  It is AWESOME.  I can’t believe I waited all these years to do it)

The Bus is definitely ready for some color!!

6/13 – We’ve made it to Denali.  Meeting Christian Folks along the way.  As we were pulling out of Fairbanks we got stopped by a family from North Pole, AK.  Great opportunity to fellowship and they gave us a blessing on the way out.  Praise God.

Then, we pulled into Healy and a “71 year young” man from Missouri stopped by and praised God with us.  He was on the back of his motorcycle Praising God and looking for bananas. We were able to offer both.

6/14 –  We spent the night in Denali last night.  It seemed we were there for such a short amount of time but Amber was laughing about how much we got done.  Let’s see…dinner and a rest, saw a BIG moose, Junior Ranger books for the kids, a presentation on Caribou, bear and moose with Ranger Tyler, a morning at the visitors center, aka Denali Nature Museum, Junior Ranger Badges for the kids (which was interestingly a pretty big deal with the Ranger, the kids LOVED it) and finally got to mail all the Strops and belts I made while the kids were sleeping.

That’s a HUGE amount of work in a very short amount of time.  Don’t forget washing dishes and making dinner and breakfast (for those of you that camp, this can be a feat on its own)  Praise God.  Some days just seem to have more hours.

We spent the day driving through Denali.  I got to finish up a video for our Leather Shop at the foot of the mountains  and you can see that here.  We hit Anchorage tomorrow for our meeting with the Government.  Pray for us that God would grant mercy and grace on our endeavors.  Pretty exciting time for our family to be in a bus in Alaska.

6/15-17  Meeting with the government went better than expected.  We pulled out of Anchorage in the morning and were at the beach but the afternoon.  Found a great campsite and are going to hunker down for a minute while Momma makes some skirts for the girls and I get a chance to build some orders and record some music.  We should have an answer later this week which determines our next steps.  Praise God.  Life in the bus is an adjustment after our time in the Cabin in Fairbanks over the winter.  We had so much time to plan but it always is a bit different once you are in it.  Good times for everyone.  We hope your summer is going just as well.


We are The Tharp family.  Years ago in a cabin in Georgia, God taught us to sing songs out of the Bible.  It seemed like such a strange idea to us, but so many years later, it has come to define who we are as a family.  (You can hear some songs here.   Everything is Word for Word from The Holy Bible.)


IMG_1615 copy



  1. Perhaps, send us a note where you saw us and city or country you are from.
  2. Or, Let us know your favorite Psalm from the Bible and why?
  3. Or, Share with us your adventures with The LORD.

Join us as we learn more about Our LORD, travel Alaska all summer, and record our next album.   We will be posting it all here.


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3 thoughts on “Summer 2018 – “Sing unto The LORD…”

  1. Just saw you in the Walmart parking lot in Wasilla! It’s wonderful that you’re spreading the Word. God bless! Also, loving the solar panels. That’s so awesome!


    1. Good Morning to you Nadia. Thank you for sharing your faith in The LORD Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful day in Wasilla, may you be “blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth.” Psalm 29:1 says, “GIVE unto the LORD, O ye mighty…” May you do that and more today. I hope you stay and sing with us. Thank you again for sharing with us. Doug and Amber @ The105


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